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Carlo Rampazzi: “PRINCE FOR A NIGHT”

Who hasn’t ever dreamed of sleeping in a castle?

Suite Castelgrande Torre Bianca

Not just any castle, mind you, but an ancient manor house decorated with a symphony of designer décor. Whose dreamlike shapes and starry touches offer anyone who stays there-even for just one night-the magic of an extraordinary voyage beyond time and space.

The Castelgrande suite, which was designed by architect and designer Carlo Rampazzi and handcrafted by artist Sergio Villa, colourfully “dresses” the setting that was conceived specifically for the castle in Bellinzona.

This location is participating in the Swiss Urban + Sleeping .

Pop-up hotels initiative which, starting in June. Will make eleven exceptional sites located throughout Switzerland available for overnight stays.

So that anyone can experience sleeping in such exclusive sites as towers, boats, museum, and fishing cabins. The only participating artist hailing from the Canton Ticino, Carlo Rampazzi was invited to decorate Two floors of the medieval castle which dominates Bellinzona’s residential area.

The castle’s austere environment has been transformed into an eccentric suite complete with kitchen, dining area, and large living room with bedroom, bathroom, and dressing room, which seems to have been designed for a modern-day prince.

With his unique touch, Carlo Rampazzi has mixed furniture from his Opus Futura collection that is refinished with glossy leather, with carpets, plexiglass lamps and tailor-made accessories – along with a series of paintings created by Sergio Villa.

Which imagine how forniture from a garbage dump would be ideally salvaged: epochs, styles and shades of colour intertwine in a burst of decorative fireworks, Worthy of a reverie.


Swiss architect and designer born in Ascona (Ticino – Switzerland), he obtained his qualifications in architecture and interior decoration in Lugano and Paris. He began his career in the seventies, reinterpreting classic furnitures according to a very personal “neo-maximalist” style.


In 1974 he founded interior design studio and gallery  – named Selvaggio – in Ascona. Since the eighties he has taken part in exhibitions and prestigious trade fairs, including the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Neo-eclectic collection

He attended at Abitare il Tempo in Verona in 1987 with the architect Anna del Gatto, introducing the neo-eclectic collection “La nuova tradizione”, and again in 1988, with Alessandro Mendini and Anna del Gatto, with the staging “Room for columns”.

In the same period he collaborates with italian companies in the sector.

Prestigious contract projects

During the nineties and later he signed a series of prestigious contract projects, such as the Michelin star restaurant Rico’s in Zurich. Other: the Grand Hotel Tschuggen and the Valsana Hotel & Apartments in Arosa, the Hotel Eden Roc and the Hotel Carcani in Ascona, the Carlton Hotel in St. Moritz and the Bulow Hotel in Dresden.

Sergio Villa Mobility

All over the world he designs private residences, boutiques, spaces for privates collections, museums, yachts, cruise boats and spas. Since 2003 he collaborates with Sergio Villa Mobility.


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