Transport And Furniture Assembly

For furniture transport and assembly, Karladesign is the ideal partner for those who need a single interlocutor and a reliable and efficient management of important or particularly complex furnishing projects.

We specialize in transporting and assembling furniture for large and complex commercial, industrial, residential and hotel projects and we also deal with smaller companies such as restaurants, shops and villas.

We have been operating in the contract supply sector for 20 years and offer “turnkey” services that include the design, supply, handling and preparation of environments, in compliance with the strictest safety standards.

For the transport and assembly of the furniture we use the collaboration of a skilled workforce, able to quickly solve any problem related to the handling or to the construction site, thus relieving customers of all management and organizational burdens.

Karladesign is the ideal interlocutor in situations where competence is required for the optimized management of furniture transport and assembly, in which it is necessary to use suitable equipment and specialized fitters. (View our latest projects) https://karladesign.org/

What is the furniture transport and assembly service?

We organize and coordinate all the logistics phases - collection, transport, delivery - and, thanks to the appropriate equipment we have, we can handle interior furnishings of any type or size.

We work exclusively with highly qualified fitters, able to offer customized solutions for packing, unpacking and fitting furniture, designed according to your needs and in full compliance with the project specifications.

We are able to promptly satisfy even the requests for very complex orders, guaranteeing accurate and reliable furniture transport and assembly services, in compliance with the established schedule and budget.

Why contact Karladesign for furniture transport and assembly?

Our experience in this sector has allowed us not to limit ourselves to contract furniture transport and assembly services, but also to take care of their design and supply, especially for large-scale projects in the commercial, industrial, public, hotel and residential sectors.

Managing all the phases of the project and coordinating the personnel involved, we deliver “turnkey” solutions, adapting our services to your needs, guaranteeing optimized design and production times, punctuality of transport and accuracy during the assembly phase.

If you are looking for a furniture transport and assembly service, you will find an interlocutor with whom you can interface effectively, able to manage large projects quickly and with certain costs, predefined by contract.