Custom Made Furniture

The made-to-measure furniture production service is aimed at both private individuals and companies wishing to create unique spaces with the preparation of high quality and entirely custom made furniture.

Specialized in making custom-made furniture for large projects (residential, commercial or accommodation), with the same organization and punctuality, we also manage smaller ones for individual stores, exhibition halls or homes.

Taking care of all the construction phases, we can offer a 360 ° service – from design to assembly – ensuring the delivery of a complete environment within the agreed times and budgets.

Whether you are a private individual, a real estate or construction company, or a freelancer, Karladesing custom-made furniture has no design limits and is made “sartorially” in compliance with the most diversified aesthetic and functional customer requests, to which we guarantee products unique, artisan quality.

By contacting Karladesing for custom-made furniture, you will receive personalized, long-lasting quality furniture and an efficient turnkey service that will relieve you from any organizational burden.

What is the made-to-measure furniture service?

The great diversification of the sectors to which our clients belong allows us to respond to every request for the realization of custom-made furniture with concrete and punctual solutions. With targeted services and certain cost-times, we are the ideal partner for those who need a single interlocutor, able to manage a complete project and guarantee an excellent quality-price ratio.

During the design we realize realistic photographic renderings and mock-ups that, showing the customer the final result of the project, allow us also the optimization of the successive productive and logistic phases - collection, transport, delivery and assembly - exclusively executed by specialized personnel.

Entrusting you to Karladesign for custom-made furniture, you will receive a wide range of flexible and personalized services for the realization of unique projects, with high quality standards and competitive prices.

Why contact Karladesign for custom-made furniture?

With twenty years of experience in making made-to-measure furniture, we proactively interface with real estate or construction companies, architects and private individuals to whom, especially for complex commercial, hotel or residential structures, we can also guarantee the coordinated management of the entire project.

Thanks to our artisans with in-house laboratory, structured with advanced machinery and highly qualified technicians, we are able to create custom-made furniture of any style (traditional, contemporary, design) and for any type of private, industrial or commercial space, satisfying any aesthetic and functional need of the customers.

If you are looking for a custom made-to-measure furniture service that guarantees the delivery of quality and truly personalized products, within the agreed times and budgets, contact Karla Design.