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Architecture Design Services

Karla Design Switzerland, meets organization needs and building architecture design phase, design of interior spaces for institutional, commercial and residential customers at high standard, situated in the central African countries and in emerging countries.

Architecture Design Services Zurich

Turnkey interior design projects

In particular, Karla Design and implements projects of architecture design and turnkey interior design to the specific needs of the client, characterized by the distinctive style and competitive advantage at the cost of achieving project.


  1. Preparation of preliminary sketches and preliminary design.
  2. Design project.
  3. Establishment of the final draft.
  4. Administrative Record.
  5. Tender documents of companies.
  6. Examination of tenders and the preparation of contracts.
  7. Directorate for Execution of Works (followed by site).
  8. Job Accounting.
  9. Reception and proofing plans.
  10. Research of materials and purchase of furniture in different countries of the world.

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More architectures and spaces

While the company is driven in an unprecedented change of cycle, one is entitled to question the need to change the way we conceive cities, architectures and spaces within it. I believe that faced with these changes, the architecture design process must be radically redefined, and their framework must be imperatively renewed.

Of course, we will consider the importance of this crop, but also on the methodological and instrumental aspects of this development.

New life experience

According to Andr√© Leroi-Gourhan in the gesture and the word to describe the evolution of prehistoric populations can be applied today to the architectural project, Planning and Design, “Man produces concrete tools and symbols, each and the other under the same process, or rather in the brain using the same basic equipment.” According to this hypothesis, the project should better interact with a set of components that are formal (aesthetic and symbolic), social (cultural and political), technical (constructive, innovative and cost) or on the order of use, more interactive and collaborative. Working between creation, delivery service offering a better quality of life; a NEW LIFE EXPERIENCE.

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The Architect-Designer…

….does not always succeed to clearly position its production to the demands of contemporary urban society and the balance of our planet. In the field, we can see a clear segmentation of market-building works and building services market that do not look alike and do not follow the same historical dynamics. Is what we can achieve if the Architectural Design and Design regarded as a service? They are immaterial, intangible, and unalienable, as any services.

Sustainability, Innovation, new Life Experience

Like all services, which are closely related to the production, the design should be part – in a logic of Sustainability “Sustainability” Innovation and new Life Experience the center of the design.

Some of the major problems confronting contemporary cities are considered urgent and their resolution is yet more often down: reducing energy consumption, mobility of goods and people, quality caused public health the environment and the workplace and housing, all environmental issues, social and economic relating to Sustainable Development.

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Awareness of environmental issues is global today;

at all levels of society, in all countries, on all continents, universal awareness grows about the fragility, vulnerability of our ecosystem and the existing risks. The multiplicity and diversity of events put into perspective by the news created a real culture shock: the political world and public opinion have realized that they were facing a Historical situation.

Everyone is ready to see,

writes Jacques Theys (The environment in the twenty-Futuribles, 1999) that our century will bequeath to future generations many untreated problems and that it is essential to do everything to reverse this fatality.


Architectural Design Services

This is a new approach KARLAdesign collaborate with architects to make design concepts by providing Reconnective and Regenerative approach in projects (see Interior Design). Design according to the principles of Sustainable Development, the sacred geometry and the Eastern and Western metaphysics (Feng Shui, Geobiology and quantum physics). To attune the human being with the subtle energies of nature and the universe.


  1. By offering the best positions of a project in its environment compared to Cosmo-telluric energies depending on the environment and those who dwell therein.
  2. Architecture Design of solutions or technologies to implement in materials, shapes, colors, sounds and specific frequencies to achieve the well-being of people in areas or buildings.
  3. Improve and strengthen the flow of beneficial in workspaces, homes to increase the vitality and get welfare.
  4. Avoid or neutralize the earth energies, harmful rays from the ground and those generated by electronic devices that are present in our daily lives as wi-fi, computers, appliances, external electromagnetic disturbances.
  5. Bring measures to balance the 5 senses and the 5 elements in the spaces and buildings, essential for access to welfare.

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