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is the study of the influences of radiation from the earth and atmosphere (or cosmos) on all living organisms. A  Geobiologist exerts a discipline that studies the influences of the surrounding environment on health.

We spend much of our time in the same buildings where we suffer the combined effects of radiation that may affect our health. An intervention by a Geobiologist can detect, locate and neutralise these nuisances after following certain tests and examination.

The word Geobiology comes from the Greek word: geos, means earth, bios means life and logos means creation, vibration. By extension, Geobiology could be defined as research, study and mastery of vibratory phenomena that influence the health of living beings, men, animals and plants.

Torsion Fields

We know of two main types of physical fields: the gravitational field and the electromagnetic field. Research on the existence of a third type, called “torsion field” for understanding the origin and nature of pollution carried by the ground and some of the modern technologies. The implementation of the theories of torsion field also offers effective solutions for correcting the environment.

In early 1913, the French mathematician Eli Cortan issues the contention that a rotating body could produce a field. In 1993, Russian scientist Dr. Gennadi Schipov confirms this hypothesis in his work “Theory of physical vacuum”. Torsion essentially means “twist” or “spiral”.

This was the beginning of the first phase of extensive research on the effects of these fields on biological objects and non-biological and their practical application in more than 150 scientific institutions. The first torsion field generators were used in various fields: medical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, agriculture …

Any object , any body , any form of radiation creates a torsion field . distinguish it can do:

  • Static torsion fields , induced by the shape of an object . These are waveforms studied Geobiological , which can also be produced by a menhir , a mast, a tower, or by portable battery without microcircuits .
  • The dynamic torsion fields , which are a component of electromagnetic waves. Dynamic torsion fields are therefore present whenever there is an electromagnetic wave.

Today , natural phenomena geobiological also convey fields Torion levorotatory ( left) which are most often originate in technological facilities ( tower , GSM antenna, transformer … ) .

The practice of modern Geobiology requires to detect the emission sources of the left torsion fields and correct them using appropriate devices .