We design unique and original human experiences. Experiences with emotion, color, that encompass all the senses with the aim of improving well-being and that change the way people think, feel and live.

Innovative and colorful – Skilful & Life Changing Design

An innovative and colorful concept with long lasting value that inspires deeply, based on an in-depth research oriented to the well-being of people, providing a skillful and life changing design.

Rejuvenating power

Since the beginning of the activities of Karla Chacon, customers have felt the rejuvenating power of new methods of creation, of surprising and intelligent ideas.

Skilful & Life Changing Design

Based on genuine research and experience in order to create wellbeing for people and environments that contribute to shaping our spaces in the future.


The furniture and products are oriented to the “REGENERATION”, redevelopment and transformation of the space “.

Interior Design

A new approach to Interior Design, reconnection between people, their environment and the universe for their well-being.

Healthy & Sustainable Karladesign

“Innovative & Colourful KARLAdesign” focuses its projects and brand on Interior Design. Innovation and the combination of rational and holistic techniques to improve health, harmony with the environment and access to well-being.

The environment in which we work or live plays a decisive role in the efficiency and performance of people. Depending on the case, it can support our mind, our body and our creativity, or otherwise block and weaken it.

KARLA CHACON is the leader of a spatial and conceptual design community called “RECONNEXION”, the human being at the center of space.

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