“Interior Design SPACE”

a place of diffusion of new knowledge, and innovation of a new philosophy in the world of Design.

In SPACE you will live new approach to interior design:

Reconnection between people, their environment and the universe for their well-being, in combination of

rational and holistic

techniques to improve health, harmony with the environment and access to well-being.

I desired and strongly desired it to help Interior Designers, Architects, professionals and lovers of good taste, to live in healthy and harmonious living and working spaces.

SPACE: “Human being at the center of SPACE”

I do it with the precious collaboration of fellow professors, who work alongside me in this project called SPACE “HUMAN BEING AT THE CENTER OF SPACE”

Discover the courses, workshops and personal coaching that are right for you.

I built the architecture of the educational offer of SPACE inspired by my journey, mixing the fundamentals and the innovations, in order to help and guide those who are at the beginning or those who want to perfect themselves, those who want to experiment and approach a new approach to interior design: “Skliful & Life Changing Design”.

New philosophy

From this reflection and new philosophy a program of flexible courses and workshops was born, which can be followed individually or combined together.


divided according to the new approach to interior design, allow to approach and understand a new method of furnishing spaces.


are a series of specialization meetings on specific topics, such as Color Desing, Color therapies, Feng Shui Essentials, innovative lighting techniques and many new experiences that want to combine the ancient wisdom of the East with the new reality of the interior design of the west.


SPACE courses are a creative experience to be enjoyed in one breath, innovative, combining theory, tradition, wisdom, spirituality and practice on specific topics.


Each path in SPACE is designed to be both independent and harmonious with the other courses, you decide how to build the experience and learning plan that suits you best.

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