Try not to get handsy with the flirty and modern design of the Nahéma bar stool. Her sweet seat and contemporary detached back are bound by a metal and lacquer frame complete with two hand details, insistently grasping at your desire.


Bar Stool

W. 53 cm / 20,9 in; D. 48 cm / 18,9 in; H. 110 cm / 43,3 in; SH. 78 cm / 30,7 in; SD. 38 cm / 15 in


25 Kg / 55,1 Pounds

Counter Stool

W. 53 cm / 20,9 in; D. 48 cm / 18,9 in; H. 101 cm / 39,8 in; SH. 67 cm / 26,4 in; SD. 38 cm / 15 in


23 Kg / 51 Pounds


Enchanted Bar Stool. Our artisans have masterfully captured the alluring essence of an enchanted forest with this bar stool. Its antique gilded branch like structure can’t help but mesmerize the beholder. Her fully upholstered body pops as the backdrop to the glinting, whimsical branch frame.


Bar Stool

W. 53,5 cm / 21,1 in ; D. 50 cm / 19,7 in ; H. 107 cm / 42,1 in ; SH. 63 cm / 24,8 in ; SD. 38 cm / 15 in


26 Kg / 58 Pounds

Counter Stool

W. 53,5 cm / 21,1 in ; D. 50 cm / 19,7 in ; H. 92 cm / 36,2 in ; SH. 48 cm / 24,8 in ; SD. 38 cm / 15 in


25 Kg / 55 Pounds


As Shown

Upholstery: Lux velvet color 0459 from the KOKET TEXTILES collection
Structure: Aged brass with high gloss finish


Upholstery: Available in any textile from the KOKET TEXTILES collection or COM or COL
Structure: Available in aged or cast brass with high gloss or matte finish

* Optional finishes may be subject to upcharge; available upon request.
**KOKET products are unique one of a kind handcrafted pieces, each item has its unique attributes and impossible to replicate identically due to the human craftsmanship. Slight variations in color, shape in form may occur, but hardly visible to the eye. Product images may also differ from actual piece due to media screens.


COM – 2 meters fabric W x 1,4 meters L or 2,8 sq meters
COL – 3,64 sq meters or 39,2 sq feet


Care for textiles by vacuuming or lightly brushing.
Maintain textiles by keeping them away from direct sunlight. Rotate and flip cushions when vacuuming for even wear.
The nap of high pile textiles such as velvets may become crushed or lose its original pile height. We recommend light steaming to lift the pile to its original height. The textile should also be brushed with a de-linting brush to maintain its pile. Water based or solvent cleaner may cause discoloration or staining.
We recommend that stained or soiled textiles be professionally cleaned.



Karladesign is an agent of Covet Group for Switzerland and operates freely as an international interior designer.

For the sale of the products the general conditions of Covet Group are valid


Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time, without prior notice. For the latest version on these Conditions please see it online on our Website. These Conditions can be saved electronically or printed by all users of our Website. Whilst they remain posted on our website, these Conditions will apply to all transactions carried out via our Website, e-mail and by telephone. By placing an order, it is implied that you accept our terms and conditions as listed below:
Updated version 30/11/2018


1.We reserve the right, without prior notice, to discontinue products or change specifications and prices on products;
2. Prices always refer to a single unit and VAT is not included in the price. Legal tax and fees must be subsequently added to the price;
3. The prices are EX WORK Rio Tinto, Portugal. They do not include don´t include shipping or assembly service;
4. Specifically, on Upholstery items, the price includes the standard fabric; in case a different fabric from one of the brands from Covet House is required, the client should contact the sales Rep enquiry the price;
5. Standard packaging is included in the price. Should the client require specific packaging, it will be charged accordingly.


1.All accounts will be registered once the first pro-forma Invoice is issued;
2. Client has to provide valid company details such as: Billing name, Billing address, VAT number (company registration number or resale certificate number).
3. Pro-forma orders will require a 50% deposit with the order and the balance prior to shipping from Portugal;
4. Customized/bespoke proformas will require 100% of the payment;
5. Proformas should be signed and stamped by the client as a form of approval of the described content.
6. Payment must be made by wire transfer (in Euros € or in Dollars $) and a confirmation (receipt) of the transfer must be send to the sales representative. Payment also confirms data described on proforma Invoice;


Bank Details
BPI Account EUR
NIB: 0010 0000 55721160001 68
IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 5572 1160 0016 8


Bank Details
BPI Account USD
7. All pieces are the property of COVET HOUSE until payment in full is received.
8. COVET HOUSE reserve the right to defer the dispatch date until the balance of the order is received.


1.COVET HOUSE reserves the right to apply a warehouse fee except for mutual agreement between both parties.
2. Upon completion, an additional storage fee of 120€/m3 per week will be charged to any stored merchandise if the invoice balance is not fully paid and shipping arrangements have not been made within 4 weeks from the date the goods are received in our warehouse.
3. This fee will be cumulative until the remaining amount (invoice balance and storage fees) is fully paid and shipping arrangements have been made.


1.All quoted completion and delivery dates are estimates only.
2. Production time from Covet House’s brands is maximum of 12 weeks. Sales representative will inform the correct lead time, depending on the brands’ orders.
3. For pieces with custom specifications or orders of large quantities COVET HOUSE reserves the right to agree with the client on a different lead time.
4. Lead time for orders with COM products only start once the fabric arrives at our office and is properly identified.
5. All fabrics must be identified with the proper document – provided by Covet House sales rep.
6. COVET HOUSE is not responsible for delays in production or any fabric misuse if the fabric is sent without identification by the client.
7. COVET HOUSE is not responsible for delay in production time if there is failure in submitting the confirmation (receipt) of the transfer.


We keep a reasonable number of products available for shipment. To get hold of our Ready to ship List, please contact one of our Sales and Product Specialist or access through this link: Ready to Ship List – availability of the product must be confirmed with the sales representative.



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